Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Summer 2010 Long Hairstyles New Hair

New Summer 2010 Long Hairstyles New Hair

Long Hairstyle Ideas presents New Summer 2009 Long Hairstyles

Summer is back and so are the
new hairstyles for the this year. For females, femininity, glamour, and the strong woman look is what most females want in a hairstyle.In terms of hair, purple is the hair color of choice for many young females. In terms of facial features, a neutral look is in order - with emphasis on the eyes and lips.

For this season, however, red, pink, brown, and peach lipstick colors are back in the fold.
For the yes, the smoky look is still a winter trend (very strong this season). Black eyelashes and eyeliners are back as well – giving females a bolder and sexier look. The “cat eyes” look is in for this summer season and so is dark eyeshadows, for a trendy, but neutral look.

The hottest new trends, for females, for the summer 2009 season are gold and bronze laced cosmetics. They are primarily used as eye shadows and nail polishes. Dark plum is the other main color for nail polish.

New Summer 2009 Long Hairstyles
Overall, the straight, very short, and the wavy hairstyles rule this season. Although, there is no middle ground between the three, long hair with ponytails are in the fold as well.

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