Monday, July 19, 2010

Hair strands | Trends

Hair strands | Trends

The trend favors the naturalness in the makeup of today, as well as fashion trends in clothing also influenced trends in hair dyes, making this season so far is no longer excess fuses contrasting but a lighter colored lighting makes the face, rejuvenating and is totally natural.

These pictures show some of the trends for hair with highlights, and notice that are most attractive, and do not need to dye your hair completely opposite tones, is now going to choose a slightly super lighter than your natural tone to shine a fashion and take advantage that a good dyeing gives your image. Well, find trends that favor us and we are more like, you can opt for a slightly lighter tone combined with a less intense, as in the image above, here the game dyed light can be seen in what your hair makes it look brighter. Remember that fuses lighten your hair too light and are not recommended for girls who have little problem with the hair volume.

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