Thursday, September 23, 2010

Winter Hair Care Tips Winter Hair

Winter Hair Care Tips Winter Hair

Winter Hair Care TipsHair Care Tips
Well, the summer months are falling behind us and the winter months are quickly approaching. While many people are beginning their early Christmas shopping, the majority of women are not looking forward to the hat head and dehydrated hair associated with winter. This winter, hit the ground running with a few winter hair care tips you didn't know.

The Hat Head

Alright, you know that winter is cold and inevitably you will have to deal with hat head from time to time. The worst part about hat head is not the fact that you need to wear a hat, they can actually be quite stylish, it is the static that is associated with the hat after your remove it.

This winter try sticking to a cotton hat instead of those wool hats you are used to. The wool hat produces far more static electricity than the cotton hat. When wearing a cotton winter hat you will be able to keep just as warm without dealing with the fly aways after you remove the hat.

Detangle With Ease

The dehydration of the skin associated with winter wreaks the same havoc on the hair. After getting out of the shower, towel dry your locks gently. Spray a leave in conditioner into the hair and comb through using a wide toothed comb. When you encounter a knot, be gentle with the hair and do not tug the comb through further damaging the hair and possibly the root.

For added moisture, try mayonnaise or eggs on the hair. These natural moisture trappers will keep the hair soft and moist all winter long.

This winter keep those locks beautiful and static free with these little known hair care tips. Just because the winter months are upon us does not mean we have to live with unsightly hair until spring.

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