Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dyed hair 2011 : Dyed hair

Dyed hair 2011 : Dyed hair

Dyed hair 2011

Dyed hair trends 2011, and we have told you something about the trends that will be about hair dye next year, and as known to the younger color proposals are endless, and we will see many colored contrasting colors not imagine never as blue or green, and not think that they look bad, are simply spectacular.

The trend of two-tone dyed which gives the impression that the roots have not been retouched, and we've seen on stars like Drew Barrymoore be a major trend of 2011, but another trend is the combination of two slightly tinted colors without perfect coupling is completely equal, so you notice the difference without being shocking. No streaks no, not highlights, but a charming combination of colors like the picture above, is not spectacular, yes! I have a suggestion there that look spectacular in 2011.

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