Saturday, December 12, 2009

Avril Lavigne Hairstyles Pictures Avril Lavigne Hair

Avril Lavigne Hairstyles Pictures 2009

Haircut Styles presents Avril Lavigne Hairstyles Pictures Summer 2009

Avril Lavigne's hairstyles are grouped as long to very long straight hairstyles. She has natural blonde hair and is she wears the “blonds have more fun” tag proudly on her arm. She has been known to highlight and color her hair in different streaks of colors including black and white and also pink! Let's have a look. Back in 2007, Avril Lavingne sported a long straight hairstyle that featured a slightly off-centered parting.

The main feature of her this long straight hairstyle was her bright dark pink color on several strands of her right front hair! It was a definite head-turner and not for the faint-hearted. The hairstyle was layered, with the longest running up to the top of her chest.

Avril Lavigne Hairstyles Pictures 2009

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