Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hottest Summer Hairstyles Trends

Hottest Summer 2009 Hairstyles Trends

Haircut Styles presents Hottest Summer 2009 Hairstyles Trends

Summer is here again and as you prepare to soak up some hot fun under the sun with the summer activities lined up, you must be wondering what to wear including the right summer hairstyle.

Summer 2009 hairstyles have seen wearers using less subtle coloring compared to the past few years. Instead, this year emphasizes more on rich, solid colors that will accentuate the wearer's face shape and coloring. Among the favorite summer 2009 hues are auburn, rich chocolates and strawberry blond.

Hottest Summer 2009 Hairstyles

The bob is a firm favorite of summer 2009. It features strong curves and sharp lines. I would suggest going for the asymmetrical – longer on one side; higher back and lower front. Layers and bangs might do good too. Look at the Inverted Bob and Posh Bob in particular to get an idea what I am talking about.

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