Monday, December 14, 2009

Celebrity Brooke Hogan's Hairstyle Brooke Hogan

Celebrity Brooke Hogan's Hairstyle Brooke Hogan

Haircut Styles presents Celebrity Brooke Hogan's Hairstye

Brooke Hogan, daughter of the famous wrestler, Hulk Hogan was recently seen at the 52st Annual GRAMMY awards looking every inch the sassy blonde vixen with her blonde hair, revealing dress and wonderful make up. However, would her father really approve of such a look?

We have seen Brooke grow up so to speak on the hit TV show “Hogan knows best” where we saw her father commenting on various outfits that she had worn, but in the look that she sported at the GRAMMY awards, she seems to have really come into her own.

The hair was very simple which went rather well with the strapless lilac dress that she was wearing which quite literally showed off some of her best assets. Long flowing loose waves was the hairstyle of choice with the centre parting allowing her hair to fall sexily around her pretty face. Falling down to cleavage level, the loose curls showed a rather grown up side to the young girl that we were used to seeing on the television and with the bright blonde color, it still showed that she had all of the rebellious and sexy streak that we saw on the TV show.

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