Saturday, December 5, 2009

Best long hairstyle photo gallery 2010

Best long hairstyle photo gallery 2010

Haircut Styles presents Best long hairstyle photo gallery 2010

Razored angles become compatible with other blunt sections and transparent bangs give a peek-a-boo appeal to this long hairstyle. Slippery slick and smooth lines become this ultra glamorous brunette long hairstyle. You can use heavy thermo gel to blown dry you hair.

An engaging center part accents the models coiled curls in various sections of her strawberry gold long hairstyle. Using a variation of small and medium curling irons and spraying a light styling lotion and will assure the tight curl that is required for this hairstyle.

While the lower sections are dried with a diffuser and scrunched with product for added volume and texture in the hair, the hair is blown out with a round brush to smooth the upper portions of this long hairstyle.

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