Saturday, December 5, 2009

Long straight and curly celeb hairstyle

Long straight and curly celeb hair style

Haircut Styles presents Long straight and curly celeb hair style

- Straight. Straight hair has absolutely no curl or wave. It can be baby fine and limp, or thick and coarse, which is a common for Asians and native Americans.

- Wavy. Hairdresser loves to work with a wavy hair. Although it stays close to the scalp when it grows out, it's easier to curl then straight hair, and it's raggedness gives it more body, thickness and pliability.

- Curly. A woman with unruly mops of hair seems to be obsessed with controlling it. This is very high maintenance hair that will curl or even frizz with the slightest rain or high humidity. Volume is difficult to predict or manage.

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