Saturday, December 5, 2009

Trendy Bob Haircuts Winter 2009 2010

Trendy Bob Haircuts Fall Winter 2009 2010

Haircut Styles presents Trendy Bob Haircuts Fall Winter 2009 2010

Bobs go well with
bangs, too. Reese Witherspoon has been sporting a bob with bangs lately and she looks great. Her bangs are cut with a fringe. This look is so very trendy right now. If you have a high forehead, a bob with bangs can be a fantastic way to wear short hair this fall.

Slicked back bobs are pretty trendy as well. Eva Longoria has been wearing her bob this way and it is a sexy, youthful bob look. No matter which type of bob you choose, it is really important to find a great stylist who can help you get the cut you need for the type of hair you have. Styling products are equally important. Ask your stylist for gels, mousse and conditioners so that your bob looks the best it possibly can each and every day.

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