Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Hair vs. Blonde Hair

Black Hair vs. Blonde Hair

Black Supermodels will Suffer in Recession - Model Agencies Prefer Blond over Black!

African American fashion models are likely to find it even harder to get a job during the recession crisis, because in harsh times majority of agencies prefer blonde hair and blue eyes over dark hair and colored skin, according to Carole White, who leads a Premier Model Management Agency.

Karolina Kurkova-Blonde Supermodel

Carole White said: "In a recession times, people want to play it safe with a blonde and blue eyed models. "It's becoming a disturbing trend, that everyone plays it safe and in my opinion it will get even worse in the recession times. People simply don't step out of the line!"

Naomi Campbell-Black Supermodel

Many times in the past, the fashion industry has come under fire, for sidelining colored models. British Supermodel Naomi Campbell was one of the most famous models who spoke out against the lack of colored models on the magazine covers. Well we'll see what the future brings.

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