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Sexy Hairstyles 2010 Sexy Hairstyles

Sexy Hairstyles 2010

Catt Sadler

Sexy Hairstyles 2010 – Curls, Bobs, Layers

If you’ve ever gotten a bad haircut, then you know how it’s nearly impossible to get any outfit to look right. Even worse, sometimes you end up looking completely, well, stupid. A haircut can make you look horrible or they can really enhance your appearance. You have to talk to your stylist so you can choose one that will suit you best. The following are 3 haircuts designed to make you look sexy, smart, and playful.


Valeria Solarino


Sexy and curly go hand in hand. No matter how long your hair is, you can wear curls and great. Curls can be as tight or loose as you like and work perfectly with highlights. You can dress curls up, down, fun, or sexy. If you want loose curls, then you should use a large curling iron while you use a narrow one for tighter curls. No matter what you’re doing, curls will look great on any woman.


Jenny McCarthy

Angled Bob

This hairstyle has become very trendy. It’s easy to maintain and no matter what your face shape, you can have an angled bob styled just for you. This cut is longer in front than in back and while most bobs are not longer than the nape of the neck, you can wear them a bit longer and still look good. Your stylist can help you decide the best way to wear an angled bob. This look is great is you like to play with layers, colors, and highlights. Any woman will look sexy and feminine in an angled bob, whether she’s at the office or on a date.


Kherington Payne


You can do an amazing amount of things with layers. They look good on any woman and in almost any haircut, no matter the length. Flat irons will make your hair super sleek but your layers will keep you interesting while different sized curls will give you an unkempt look that not only is sexy but also looks natural without making you look sloppy. You can wear your layers up or down, parted, highlighted, braided, and just about anything else you can think of. A layered style is versatile, sexy, and you’ll never look boring.


Whitney Port

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