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Irina Lazareanu


A fringe haircut is simply a haircut that has bangs; fringe is just a more stylish word for bangs. Back in the ‘80s, fringe haircuts were very popular and worn in all kinds of styles, sometimes frizzed up beyond belief or extremely tightly curled. Today, the fringe haircut has enjoyed a comeback thanks to celebrities like Rhianna who has taken this style and turned it modern and trendy.

Brooke Taylor

A basic fringe haircut is extremely simple, with the bangs cut in a straight line above the eyes and the rest of the hair left straight. The look is as sophisticated as it is sexy, but this isn’t a style for every woman and if worn too long, can seem a bit boring. Modern fringes have many twists, making them fresh and exciting. They can look windswept, be razor cut, or even have layers to bring more personality and allow great usage of new colors and highlighting. Your hair can go over your ears or be razor cut along the back of your neck; you can do just about anything you want and this style can really help you make a statement.

Cassie Steele

Bangs are a huge part of the fringe haircut and can make or break your look. Keeping your bangs straight and soft gives you a feminine, sexy look and cutting them in a choppy or asymmetrical style will give you a look that is edgy. The great things about fringes are their versatility – you can change your entire look just by changing how you part you bangs. The modern fringe is a great look for any woman as it can easily be adapted to any face shape and is also easy to dress up or down.

Bai Ling

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