Friday, November 20, 2009



Halle Berry


Diamond shaped faces tend to be very long. The cheeks are wider in these shapes, and the forehead is wide until it reaches the hairline, where it narrows. The chin is often narrow. If you have a diamond shaped face, you need to balance all of these features. You should try and make your cheeks appear smaller and shorten the length of your face.

You should not cut your hair close to your head, because this will bring out all the features you don’t want attention drawn to. Make sure the style you choose will give your chin an appearance of width and you may want to tease the sides of your hair because it can help with this. Bob cuts are great for diamond shaped faces. Layers are also great for diamond faces. Use curling irons, a roller brush, and mousse can help you style your hair so that you can bring attention where you want and off of the features you would like to hide. Layered cuts will work no matter what length your hair is.

Bangs are very important if your face is diamond shaped. In fact, they are your best friends. Make sure that your bangs cover your forehead. You can sweep them across, cut them jagged, or even leave them in a straight fringe but make sure they are over your forehead. This will make your face appear shorter and will even out your features.

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