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Katie Price aka Jordan Hairstyles Katie Price Hairstyles

Katie Price aka Jordan Hairstyles

Katie Price aka Jordan Hairstyles

Katie Price, otherwise and better known as Jordan is a force to be reckoned with. Not only is she one of the world’s most famous glamour models but she also has a couple of novels out, a range of perfume and now a range of equestrian gear. We perhaps better know Katie as the girl that married Peter Andre in rather extravagant style and also for her ever changing appearance, mainly her hair and size.

Katie Price aka Jordan Dark Hairstyle

When we first met Jordan, she has curly brown hair, something that she hated at first but now admits to loving. Since then we have seen her with more natural styles such as the brown look with the few hair extensions that she had when pregnant with her second child, Junior and even a poker straight blonde look that she seemed to favor for her photo shoots.

Katie Price aka Jordan Blond Hairstyle

These days it would seem that Katie has gone much darker with hair that is so dark that it looks almost black. This has sparked rumors that she is pregnant again as it is well known that pregnant women should not dye their hair with blonde dyes, but as yet these rumors have not been admitted or denied.

Katie Price aka Jordan Black Hairstyle

Either way, at the release of her equestrian gear, she made an appearance with a hairstyle to beat all hairstyles. It was very simple; a pony tail but with tendrils of hair wrapped around the band to conceal it and a backcombed fringe to give it a bit of body.

Katie Price aka Jordan Latest Hairstyle

Whichever the reason for Katie going dark, it sure does suit her although we are sure to see another style from the sassy lady really soon!

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